[2017 in Review]

2017! Thank you all SO MUCH for following me this year! I have had a blast! As you can see, EWP was a LOT busier this year than ever before and I’m SO THANKFUL for each of you. Babies, products, headshots, weddings, dogs, boudoir- so much fun. I can’t wait until 2018! Here’s a little review of the year 


Here’s a little breakdown:

Events: 2
Product: 3
Seniors: 2
Babies: 2
Weddings: 10
Headshots: 1
Maternity: 2
Pets: 2

In 2017 I accomplished so many things with this business..
-I did a baby photo shoot that I was PROUD of. We spent a lot of time working together and had no time constraints, so his shoot turned out awesome (in my opinion..).
-I shot a dreamy winter wonderland wedding (bucket list!)
-I participated in multiple fundraisers as a vendor
-I branched out and did two types of photography I’ve never experimented with before: Product & boudoir.
-I got to watch a ballerina dance in the streets of Saginaw and capture it for her senior photos (didn’t know it was on my bucket list but… BUCKET LIST!)
-I built my own website and kept with it (most of the time 😉 )
-I added over 200 people to my business page and now have almost 200 in my private boudoir group!
-I hired an assistant who is reliable and ready to learn
-I gathered a Glam Squad for my boudoir workshops, some beautiful, hardworking women who can’t wait to help make my Bombshells to feel great and look great!
-I had to say NO to new clients because my plate was full or dates were already booked. There are no words for having to decline an invitation to photograph a wedding when you are already booked.
-I had inquiries from people I’ve never met and didn’t have any mutual friends with
-I got my own office and work space!
-I entered 2018 with PRE BOOKED weddings, events & sessions- not a blank slate.

I am so incredibly thankful for EWP and the people who support it. I LOVE what I do and love learning with you. I love experimenting behind the lens and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I love seeing people come alive behind the camera and capturing what’s happening in real time. I love my job and it’s all thanks to YOU!

Happy New Year!

What’s your biggest accomplishment from 2017?



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