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As 2020 is now well underway,  I can’t help but reflect on my amazing customers. Some of you are now, long-time clients, some of you are brand new. I love each of you so dearly and am so grateful that you would call on me to capture such a special time in your life. I couldn’t bare to just make a collage this year and try to highlight my favorites, so here is one image from every session or event that I had the honor to be a part of.

-In 2019, EWP finally surpassed the 1000 likes milestone on Facebook and I am so THRILLED for that!
-I also now have a separate space available for indoor photography, that I’m still working on sprucing up
-2019 is the last year that I will deliver strictly digital collections and offer release forms for photos. Beginning in 2020, I am going to truly value my business and offer prints through my photo lab. The price point is attainable and the quality is breathtaking- you WILL NOT find the quality that my lab has at an instant print shop. I want you to value your images and be proud to hang them on your walls- instant prints won’t do that. So in 2020, I’m valuing my time and your investment, along with your memories and your family by making the switch.
-2019 is also the last year I plan to actively call myself a wedding photographer. As much as I enjoy the thrill and the excitement of wedding days and feel that they are in my blood, I also truly value the weekends at home with my family and having the opportunity to be present while our kids are still young. I will only take on a select amount of weddings each year, if any, for the foreseeable future. I am very content with this decision. With this move, I will be changing my focus to families. I hope this is apparent in my recent posts and the images chosen to represent this year. Families are the heartbeat of my business, whether it is the start of a new one or the new life of your addition. I am so blessed to be woven into your family dynamics and allowed to capture these times.

-I also launched an exclusive group dedicated to my photography clients called EWP Private Access. Here is where you will find any deals offered, model calls, boudoir photography-because I highly value the safety and security of my #beautyqueens– and more. I hope to gain more traction and get more involved with this group in 2020.

I am so very thankful for each of you- whether you can call yourself a client of mine yet or not, your presence here is what makes my business tick..

So here’s a few highlights from 2019. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.





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