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[friday photos]

i really love the spring. i love the calmness in the air. i love the constant reminder of new birth, new life, new growth. i love watching the bunnies and turkeys chase each other. and i'll never tire of watching the deer. saturday mornings are always a dream on our property. we sip our caffeinated… Continue reading [friday photos]

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[TOP FIVE TIPS to Help You Save on Wedding Videography]

I'm always looking for ways to reach out to you guys, my clients. I hope to help you find resourceful elements, helpful tips, neat ideas. I hope you feel welcome to reach out to me as we get closer to your wedding day. I develop the neatest relationships with my clients- some ask me for… Continue reading [TOP FIVE TIPS to Help You Save on Wedding Videography]

Friday Photos

[workshop weekend]

I'd love to share some awesome images from the workshop I held this past weekend, but I've vowed to only share these within my private BOUDOIR GROUP. This group consists of lovers of photography & mostly of women gifting intimate images for their fiance's and husbands. The most common theme is that there are tons… Continue reading [workshop weekend]